Choosing the best apple

How to choose the best apple?

Well! There’s no dispute in taste and the same applies here as well. First thing you should consider is the taste of the apples you enjoy the most – whether its sweet, tart, juicy or crisp. No matter what you like, apples have all that you need. Once you choose the flavor and take a decision, next is to find the perfect apple.


It’s pretty easy to check the firmness of an apple, gently press the small area of the apple and your tough will give you the result. If its firm to touch, its good but there’s more to consider like color and softness level. Avoid apples that are noticeably soft, discolored and indent easily after you press the skin.

Apple in hand

Visual Examination: 

Take an apple in your hand as you take a cricket ball and check it visually 360 degrees. You will find two types of marks, natural and as a result of mishandling and hits.Natural marks on the fruit like scuff or specks doesnt mean apples are bad. However, marks which come from bruising and bangs are the signs of decay and avoiding them is better. 

Apple Varieties: 

There are so many varieties in the market available today and if you have gone through our earlier blog “ Apple – A Super fruit” You will get to know the different types of apples and get a knowledge which suits you better for the taste whether you cook, bake or eat raw. Enjoy the eating experience of varieties of apples and get to know them better. Bye the way read about kashmiri apples as well.


A fresh quality apple should have a pleasant aroma and of course some are stronger fragrance than others.

Check for the Magna fibre logo:

Magna fibre is a kashmir based packaging industry with main focus on promoting hygiene, quality and logistics in fibre molded packaging. When you shop for apples, look for a magna fibre logo which is an authenticity that you chose something like picked from a tree naturally.