Kashmiri Apples in smart packings

Kashmiri Apples in smart packings. We love Kashmiri apples whether its quality, color, taste or name – undoubtedly there’s something which makes it stand out. Journey of Kashmiri apples from growing to consuming is not as easy as it looks.

It takes a lot to secure apples while transporting and marketing and that’s where the packaging plays an important role. Packaging apples is one of the most important things whether bags, trays, hampers, baskets, crates or containers. There are various types of packaging available but the challenge is to make it cost effective, durable and secure besides many other factors.

We at Magna fibre understand the cost that packaging contributes to the apple industry in kashmir. We understand the uses, functions and limitations as per th standards of the apple industry.

Biodegradable packings for Kashmiri apples

We have intelligently surveyed the fruit industry of kashmir and invested  in our manufacturing plant to produce packaging material made of fibre which is recyclable and biodegradable.


We manufacture packaging and trays in bulk for wholesale buyers and consumer market in different sizes which has made us confident to design whatever type of packaging is required.

Shelf Life.

With ultra modern mechanisms and state of art manufacturing plants, it’s possible to customize packaging and engineering for each commodity to extend shelf life.


It’s very important to have convenient units for transportation, handling and distribution. The fruits should fit well in the containers using less wasted space. Kashmiri apples are transported all around and may take days of unexpected delays due to tough weather conditions and road networks. We make sure that our packages secure fruits and maximize the capacity to transport.

Keeping safe

Kashmiri Apples
Kashmiri Apples

One of the challenging factors is to keep apples safe from mechanical damage and poor environmental conditions during handling and distribution and we keep  experimenting with the real time conditions with market surveys and feedback and maximize our potential to manufacture our packings quite enough to resist damage during handling, storage and transportation.

Stacking of apple trays 

Low quality materials are easily damaged by handling and while stacking, it is observed that moisture is not tolerated by poor quality trays. It’s a serious matter and may be the cause of rejection at times.

Magna fibre is dedicated to the packaging demands of the fruit industry of Kashmir. We keep struggling for innovative ideas and cost effective ways to manufacture the best packaging’s.