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What's Magna Fibre

Magna Fibre is one of highly sophisticated manufacturing plants in Kashmir dedicated to moulded fibre products for packaging of apples, eggs and other food products. Our success lies in the technology we use for conventional pulp fibre moulding

Branded Packs

Apart from offering off-the-shelf products such as egg trays and apple trays , we do provide service to custom designed molded paper/ fibre pulp products for packaging industry.

For Display

Our produce trays are made with the use of latest conventional pulp fibre moulding equipment and unique after-pressing technology to achieve fantastic results. Whether you find them in a shopping mall, super market, exhibition – they are all time faithful trays.

Customized or Standard Egg Trays

Custom designed pulp packaging can be used to safely transport and protect a range of items, from electrical and chemical items to fruit and vegetables. Contact us for special packaging Egg Tray Size No. of Eggs Egg Trag 15 1/2 lbs Egg Tray Egg Tray 16 1/2 lbs 30 Egg…

Regular Apple Trays

Our apple trays are incredibly worth because of its weight, durability and maintenance. Please find below the table for sizes </ Size by Count Number of Pockets per Tray Approx. Size by Diameter (inches) Number of Layers Trays required for each carton 80 A or B 20 3 3/8 4+1…

Customized Apple Trays

We maintain high standard of quality and understand the fact that trays that are fragile can create problems for apple packers with extra load of packing. Please find below the table of contents: Size by Count Number of Pockets per Tray Approx. Size by Diameter (inches) Number of Layers Trays…

Secure Apple Packaging

AppleĀ  trays made from fibre at Magna are available to apple packers to compete against the heavy wooden boxes. Our trays are designed in such a way to make sure to protect apples by inverting one tray on the top of another. Please find below the table of contents: Size…

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