Apple packaging strategy


Apple production in Kashmir

Kashmir produces more than 75% of apples in India. Famous for its apples all over the world. Kashmiri apples play a very important role in economy of Kashmir. If done in a systematic and organized way, income from apples is much higher than any other horticulture crop.

Kashmiri apple farming


Farmers face lots of trouble when it comes to marketing, storage, irrigation, pesticides etc. which results in the low production. Climate considerations are important to grow apples. Moreover, Apples are in constant attack from pests. So, its very difficult to grow this fruit without any pesticide

Apple export from Kashmir

There’s no doubt that Kashmiri apples have a much higher demand world wide. Not only in India but else where also Kashmiri apple is the first choice for the customers. The good news is that recently Lulu Group of Middle East has started importing apples from Kashmir. It’s expected that the demand for Kashmiri apples will grow more and more.

Packaging Strategy

Kashmiri Apples
Kashmiri Apples

Apple consumption has grown drastically during last ten years. Thanks to Science that apples are available now whole year with controlled atmosphere. On the other hand packaging, storing an dispatching techniques have also changed a way lot. Magna Fibre in Kashmir has already changed the face of packaging with fiber mould material. The tray molds can be customized as per the requirement which offers convenient solution to retailers and end customers to place, store and transport apples. The advantages of fiber mould trays for packing is that apples can be collected directly nd stored without using special containers. This optimizes storage and packaging costs.

If you are an apple orchard owner, grower from Kashmir, please contact us for a dedicated counselling on “how to transport your apples in safe and secure packaging’s”. You can contact us on any of the numbers mentioned 7006294958/ 9622782580/ 9906731647 or visit our website for more information.

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