Apple Trays in sustainable packaging’s

Apple Trays

Moulded fibre has emerged as a solution to many packaging problems in food and beverage and other consumable items. Apple trays in sustainable packaging’s has satisfied both grower and consumer.

The manufacturing process of moulded fibre involves the paper boards and newsprints which is recycled making it much more affordable than other variants like polyethylene terephthalate, PVC etc.  Because of its properties and features, moulded fibre is cost effective during shipping and transportation as well.

Since its manufacturing process involves only recycled materials, it’s considered to be sustainable packaging.

Environmental awareness is on rise and governments and organizations stress employing packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly. FIbre moulded packaging meets the requirements of both packaging manufacturers and end users because of its positive aspects of being cost effective, light weight, durable and moisture proof. Besides, being available in different shapes and sizes thus offering safe packaging for a multitude of products while also limiting environmental effects.

Apple Trays
Apple Trays

Ranging from food products in the form of egg cartons, apple trays, cup carrying trays  to electronic products like mobile phones, TV, Air conditioners, Refrigerators and various other products , fiber moulded has emerged as the most efficient packaging and its expected to dominate packaging industry for many years to come. 

Magna Fibre ramps up apple trays production

Magna fibre has the large moulded fibre plant situated at Lassipora, Kashmir. Apple industry of Kashmir in particular has benefited many folds because of affordable packaging. 

Waste paper is collected and is pulped at Magna Fibre. Pulp flows into the molding machines that produce the trays. They come off lines and cool before being wrapped and shipped.

Easy Logistics

Continuous rising demand from logistics, transport industry  for environmental friendly packaging has assured the sustenance of moulded fibre for many years to come.

Take advantage of us

If you are an apple orchard owner, farmer in Kashmir, don’t forget to to choose magna fibre packaging for excellent vibration dampening, cushion properties, light weight and moisture absorbent trays.