Changing the Face of Packaging

Changing the Face of Packaging. When we go to the supermarkets, we see beautifully displayed packages on shelves or on floor displays. Once you look at those, you get to notice the contents mentioned on the packaging giving you the information about the product. This was not the case a few years back as people would often look at the product and buy from their experience.

Times have changed the perspective of consumers


Now good packaging means a good product. Customers need more information about the product they buy and sellers want the same to be displayed in packs.

Fruit industry of Kashmir

Let’s talk about the fruit industry of Kashmir here. Gone are the days when we used to pack apples in wooden boxes, trend has changed and now boxes are lighter, durable, moisture free and affordable. Magna Fibre is playing a key role in the packaging industry of Kashmir whether its a produce tray, customized tray or corrugated boxes – magna covers it all.

Packaging’s are directly associated with branding and brand impact means quality.

Types of packaging’s

Let’s know about the different types of packaging we offer at Magna Fibre:

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated boxes

One of the most practical ways to pack goods is cardboard boxes. They come in big and small sizes for fragile and robust, heavy and light products. We can prepare a customized box as per your need and requirement.

Shelf Packaging

Easy to stock mostly in retail outlets and supermarkets and perfect to merchandise presentation at suitable spots. These types of boxes are easy to place, easy to sell, easy to open and easy to dispose off. The raw corrugated boxes can be branded in the beautiful graphic designs by a creative agency Thus shelf packaging satisfy the needs of all from manufacturers to end customers.


Magna Fibre is known for fibre moulded trays  which are ideally suited for transportation and merchandise displays. Our trays are highly economical, eco friendly and easy to handle.

Magna fibreis a kashmir based packaging industry with main focus on promoting hygiene, quality and logistics in fibre molded packaging.