Kashmiri Apple – A Super fruit

Kashmiri Apple – A Super fruit

Apples – in whatever form you eat is healthy with no doubt – Super A category fruits for everyone. 

Kashmiri Apple

Kashmiri apples are exceptionally known for their benefits which are crisp, tart and juicy. Commonly eaten out of hand. Not all but many people like to cook apples and work well with many dishes besides being kids friendly. Apple stuffing and apple sauce are few names to mention. Thus, preserving apples in the natural form from picking to packaging has lots of phases associated to it.

Types of apples

There are thousands of varieties of apples in the world but here we talk about some of the common known varieties found in the marketplace. While some like red apples, some like green while some like yellow. Apples have existed on earth since centuries and there have always been upgrades and modernization in cultivation for quality, shape, size, taste and high production. Here we discuss some of the varieties of apples:

1. Pink Lady

Pink Lady

These types of apples are available in the market from November to August. These apples are a cross of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. This variety can be found in the markets under the commercial name called “Pink Lady”

2. Empire


Available between September and July, this type of apple is sweet – tart flavor with creamy flesh.

3. Fuji


Fuji is known to all of you. Available from September has gained much popularity with its firmness and sweet flavor. Most of the Fuji apples are gradient like bi colored with red and yellow stripes.

4. Gala


Cross result of Kidd’s Orange and Golden Delicious. This apple was a favorite of  Queen Elizabeth II, deemed during her visit to New Zealand. Galas can vary in color – available mostly year round harvested beginning mid July.

6. Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious

Golden delicious is a favorite choice of those who like lite versions. It’s honey and buttery type in taste. Its yellow with a blush of pink.

7. Red Delicious

Red Delicious

These apples are elongated in shape – little longer and are sweet, juicy and crisp. Varies in color from solid red to striped red. 

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